What We Do


EMSOLT is an investment firm deploying capital in the alternative energy sector, robotics as well as in artificial intelligence technologies through a broad range of financing solutions. While we are committed to the continuous development of the energy and automotive sectors, we are not here to meet the funding needs of your business only. Unlike many other investment firms, our portfolio is not only confined to brownfield investments, but we also put considerable time, effort, and capital in greenfield investments.

Although Greenfield investments incur additional development costs, they are best suited to serve the long-term interests of both parties. Consequently, our investment portfolio includes companies that not only strive for impressive returns in the short-run, but also aim to become a long-term business partner of EMSOLT.

At EMSOLT, our efforts are always geared towards developing customised investment strategies tailored for your business needs. We are aware that our success lies with the flexibility of our methods we use whilst shaping our investment approaches for the particular case. Accordingly, we are ready to evaluate any kind of investment at any level, and take a decision together.

At EMSOLT, we have a team of highly-skilled and experienced professionals who take time to understand the fundamentals of your business and find the best solution to address your needs. Our objective is to provide you a complete set of solution, combining a variety of investment vehicles across the entire capital structure.

Focus Areas

EMSOLT is deeply involved in all areas related to renewable energy, robotics and artificial intelligence technologies. In addition to this, we also invest in the companies operating in the automotive industry and other sectors, provided that their product line includes high-potential, innovative products or services.

Our expertise areas include, but are not limited to, three major categories.

With an extensive investment portfolio featuring both greenfield and brownfield investments, EMSOLT is a considered to be a leading firm investing in renewable energy projects.