Renewable Energy Investments

EMSOLT has already developed and ensured commissioning of Solar Power Plants with a total installed capacity of 60 MW in various regions of Turkey. Moreover, our Ukraine Project pipeline has so far reached a total capacity of 160.7 MW, we already started to construction for 25 MW and 85.7 MW of which is ready to build while the remaining 50 MW under development.
In addition, we have a total of 6.5 MW capacity biogas plant projects, one in Sivas / Sarkisla and the other in Ankara / Cubuk
We indeed see an opportunity in the market and we aim to keep expanding our solar portfolio both in Turkey and Ukraine.

Power Plants

Ideal-FederalMalatya/Turkey2.276 MW Solar Power Plant
Kaymer-MerkayKahramanmaras/Turkey2.08 MW Solar Power Plant
SlobidkaKhmelnytsky/Ukraine11 MW Solar Power Plant
LuginyZhytomyr/Ukraine14 MW Solar Power Plant

Ongoing Solar Power Plant Projects

MykhailivkaKhmelnytsky11 MW
Dnipro IDnipro4.3 MW
Dnipro IIDnipro8.4 MW
Dnipro IIIDnipro24 MW
Dnipro IVDnipro8.4 MW
Dnipro VDnipro8.4 MW
Ignatpil IZhytomyr9 MW
Ignatpil IIZhytomyr6 MW
KorostenZhytomyr75 MW
Malyn IZhytomyr9.5 MW
Malyn IIZhytomyr6 MW
BilokorovicyZhytomyr10 MW
AriaZhytomyr35 MW

Ongoing Biogas Power Plant Projects

Şarkışla BiogasSivas / Turkey2.3 MW
Çubuk BiogasAnkara / Turkey4.2 MW