Our Investment Strategy

EMSOLT invests primarily in companies that are in charge of their own destiny and have exceptional products and services.

At EMSOLT, we are focused on generating financial returns from our investments. This means that we focus primarily on companies with innovative defensible technologies, clear growth plans, and a management team with the expertise, experience, and commitment required to build a high-growth business.

While this direct, results-oriented approach has been an essential ingredient of our investment strategy, the hallmark of our success is the ability of our investment professionals and advisors who apply this knowledge to identify and execute specific investment transactions.

Our investment approach includes a thorough assessment of the micro and macro trends on local, regional, and national levels. Our professionals conduct tailored searches for investment opportunities and assess their suitability to our value-generation mission through rigorous due diligence and evaluation. We then utilise our expertise and experience to formulate the right capital structure for the company and generate more value for both parties.

At EMSOLT, we are keen and well-equipped to invest in high profitable renewable energy projects, as well as initiatives providing clean-tech automotive solutions and innovative technologies.

At EMSOLTs, we have a team of professionals dedicated to providing our esteemed clients with current, clear, and concise information regarding their investment in a particular project. In order to enable our clients to conduct a transparent assessment of their investment’s value and potential return, we regularly provide them with comprehensive financial reports, helping them gauge their progress and set new investment goals.